Make smart property decisions

Make informed decisions with the most comprehensive real estate data available today. With over 1 trillion data points covering more than 12 million properties, PropTrack’s real-time property data powers the best property experiences in market.

Data is the currency of today’s innovation economy

With the right property data, your organisation will be empowered to make better business decisions. That’s why PropTrack is dedicated to giving you the most relevant property market intelligence in real time, whenever and wherever you need it.

We support our customers with data that isn’t available anywhere else. This includes four industry-leading APIs:

  • Property
  • Market Insights
  • Neighbourhood
  • AVM

We take the guesswork out of all your property research and deliver you the most relevant information.

Each one of our APIs is underpinned by our Address API, with search matching and suggested addresses, postcodes, suburbs and states, ideal for your property reports.

Our property API services include

Property API

Our industry-leading and intelligent API combines smart Property Data Search, Comparable Data Search and Listing Data Search.

Property Data Search

Gives you comprehensive data on any property, including attributes, boundaries and imagery.

Comparable Data Search

Pinpoints the most relevant and comparable properties against any property you choose.

Listing Data Search

Brings you key data on any currently advertised listings, as well as previously listed properties.


Access our market leading automated valuation for every residential property in Australia.

Market Insights API

The Market Insights API turns data into insights, providing instant property analytics for any suburb, as well as state and national trends.

This includes detailed property performance analytics such as median prices, rental yields, lowest to highest sales prices, days on market, auction clearance rates and more.

Neighbourhood API

Neighbourhood lets you provide quality insights to your customers, so you can help them research and find the right place to live.

It does this by surfacing key information about any suburb including demographic, community, socio, education and occupation, age and family income data.

The best value

Get the most relevant knowledge delivered in real time. Our APIs have been developed with flexibility in mind to provide you with the best local knowledge, fast.

Already, our customers are using PropTrack data to solve a multitude of business problems, from attracting new business to improving internal processes.

A structure to suit your needs

Our packaging and pricing structures let you pay only for what you need right now, while also giving you the potential to quickly scale as your business needs grow

Access to unique insights

As part of the REA family we are continuing to make new unique insights and data available via our API, including:

  • Home Price Index 
  • Rental and Buyer Demand Index 
  • Commercial Listings and Data (coming soon)

The PropTrack advantage

Powered by the comprehensive data behind, and one of Australia’s largest economic and data science teams, PropTrack has quickly become a trusted source of real estate analytics. That’s why so many of Australia’s leading property experts and organisations already rely on us.

  • The most reliable and comprehensive data and analytics available
  • Real-time market insights mean you stay ahead of the game
  • Rigorous analysis and detailed reports give you an accurate view of your local market, as well as broader trends
  • Unique, extensive consumer behaviour data lets you identify trends before they happen
  • Combines residential, commercial and financial data all in one place
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Provides bank-strength security and data protection
  • Offers tailored packaging and pricing that lets you scale as you grow

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