Unlock your next product innovation with Australia's number 1 address in property

PropTrack works with some of Australia's largest organisations to create true societal value. Our Proptech customers are utilising unique data to build products and grow from start-up to scale-up and beyond. 

Partnering with leading proptechs and industry associations

Enhance the value of your technology with unique data and insights

Leverage property data straight from the source or make the most of our existing modelling to unlock automation.

Provide lead-gen and retention touch points

Leverage PropTrack’s customisable Property Reports to embed deep insights that can help customer engagement and personalisation.

Create business efficiencies and automation

Integrate data APIs to automate processes and enrich your user experience.

Instant valuations and unique insights

Tap into a highly efficient and transparent valuations ordering process using the PropTrack Valuations Platform, simplifying your operations and improving the mortgage fulfilment process.

Turn your Proptech solution into a product that stands out

APIs and imagery

Leverage data from Australia's largest listings portal and automate your product experience by surfacing relevant data and insights for your customers in near real-time 

Instant valuation estimates

PropTrack's distinctive image database and quality scoring capabilities enable our customers to demonstrate unique elements of a property's value and can even provide an instant value assessment with our industry leading Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Property reports

Leverage PropTrack's digital property reports and provide personalised insights tailored to your customers and generate true engagement.

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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