Digitise your valuations and maximise customer loyalty with PropTrack

Reduce time to yes with automation of your valuations flow

Valuations platform

At the heart of any digitisation approach is a seamless platform and workflow. PropTrack's Valuations as a Service provides everything you need to manage and monitor your valuation flow. Automating traditional tasks and allowing you to focus on bringing down "time to yes."

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Automated valuations

PropTrack provides a range of automated valuation models. We can work with your risk team to help define a valuation strategy that makes the most of these industry leading solutions and get your organisation well on the way to a 5 minute home loan.

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Digitally assisted valuations

For those properties that aren't suitable for digital valuation, PropTrack provides the tooling to augment the traditional process and provide pathways to a virtual process.

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Retain your customers with intelligent, tailored and relevant marketing at the right time

Propensity to list

Predict whether your customers are likely to list their property for sale in the next 90 days and get ahead of your retention strategy 

Propensity to sell

Identify which customers are likely to sell their property in the next 90 days and optimise your finance strategy.

Propensity to re-finance

Identify re-finance opportunities within your own portfolio and prevent customer churn. 

Build brand loyalty with Property Reports

Improve your value proposition, stay relevant in an ever changing market and empower your customers to make their next move with the latest insights.

Prioritise high risk collections right time

Prioritise collections activity and increase precision of loan impairment provisioning using digital valuations on existing loan portfolios and calculating dynamic LVRs.

Capital modelling under prudential standards

Data services and expertise to assist with capital modelling under prudential standards with Australia’s most contemporary investor/owner occupier data.

No matter your level of sophistication, we've got data to power your strategic objectives

With PropTrack, you can get the insights you need easily, with access to our data in a way that suits you.

Instantly enrich your contact, property or market data for better personalisation and efficiency with our range of suitable APIs.

Access raw data from a flat file for further analysis, research or use in market and supercharge your knowledge base.

Open the door on AVMs and understand how to use them prudently in your valuations flow.

PropTrack and Gateway worked collaboratively to design a custom location category report based on specific criteria, such as location remoteness, which could be used in credit decisioning. PropTrack then used their market data to convert Gateway’s requirements into meaningful logic. The information gives our team a valuable tool to decide whether to lend in a location or what LVR to apply.

Jack Czechowski - Senior Manager, Credit & Operational Risk at Gateway Bank

The PropTrack advantage

Powering the comprehensive data and analytics on realtestate.com.au as well as one of Australia's largest property economics team, PropTrack is the trusted source of real estate analytics. That's why so many of Australia's leading property experts and organisations already rely on us.

  • The most reliable and comprehensive data available

  • Real-time market insights mean you stay ahead of the game

  • Rigorous analysis and detailed reports provide an accurate view of local markets and broader trends

  • Extensive consumer behavioural data not available anywhere else helps you identify trends before they happen

  • Combined residential, commercial and financial data all in one place

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