Significantly improve your time to yes with Desktop property valuations

With an advanced remote assessment solution, you can reap the benefits of PropTrack’s near-realtime property data and insights within your valuation strategy.

Complete more valuations with ease and speed

User data

Co-designed by valuers for valuers, and is engineered to complete property assessments faster



Listing data

Leverage near-realtime data feeds from Australia’s leading property portal.

Quality assurance

Improve speed and quality with our in-built QA checks.

Avoid unnecessary escalations

By leveraging REA’s address match capability, PropTrack Desktop has reduced address-related escalations. Through analysis, PropTrack has also been able to identify that when certain data elements are available, value assessments will align with traditional onsite assessments.

Boost completion rates

Our comprehensive market and property data, including attributes and imagery, is updated within one minute of updates on

Use market insights to improve outcomes

By providing in-platform value check aides and prompts, plus access to ‘price withheld’ sales results from the real estate agent community, valuers have the most up-to-date perspective of the market well before a transaction becomes publicly available, reducing lag and conservative assessments.

Complete more valuations with ease and speed

PropTrack Desktop benefits

  • Access to REA Group and PropTrack's comprehensive data, including listing details, imagery, sales history and more
  • Insights generated from millions of visitors to the REA Group’s websites each month
  • Access to current Valuer General sales data
  • Comparables recommendations engines that uses machine learning techniques to help you pinpoint the best comparable properties

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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