Leverage the number 1 address in property for the most efficient & accurate outcomes

At PropTrack we help valuers maximise their efficiency and boost their connection to market as the industry shifts through significant change

Boost your connection to market and join the panel of integrated valuers

PropTrack is working with a variety of ADIs and adjacent industries to more tightly integrate valuers into the day-to-day of their operations.

Boost your connection to market and join the panel of integrated valuers

Leverage the depth of data from realestate.com.au and distinguish your valuations product

Leverage unique data to differentiate your business from others right time

Over 1 trillion data points covering more than 12 million properties

Integrate data into your process, save costs and drive automation

Embracing transformation and digitally assisted valuations is helping valuation firms align with ADI objectives around sustainability and efficiency. In addition, our valuations customers are increasingly relying on PropTrack to streamline processes and introduce innovative service offerings.

Know the market with the freshest source of listings data from Australia's most used listings portal right time

Tap into agent data direct from the source and build your data capability 

The Future of Valuations

Embrace technology and start using transformative property data in your valuation methods. Download the latest valuer guide  and get started today.

Get the insights you need easily with access to our data in a way that suits you

Instantly enrich your contact, property or market data for better personalisation and efficiency with our range of suitable APIs.


Access raw data from a flat file for further analysis, research or use in market and supercharge your knowledge base.

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