Accept more valuations with ease and speed

Put customer and member experience at the heart of your mortgage lending service and accept more valuations more quickly

Valuation partners we are working with to support mortgage lending

Automated valuation type decisioning for fast mortgage approval

Customise you rules engine to facilitate instant decisioning for digital valuations or progress to a physical valuation when a property doesn’t meet your threshold¬†

Review, forward and accept a valuation with the click of a button

The PropTrack Valuations Platform has been developed with human-centred design to intuitively work with your processes and simplify your workflow.

What makes this platform the right platform for you?

Safe and secure

PropTrack has been ISO compliant since 2018 and a tier 1 bank grade service provider, being ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant for our mortgage solutions products.

Simple and easy to use

Stress free set-up and onboarding to get you started quickly to remove the angst from change management 

Flexible choice

Choose from a variety of adoption methods that best suits your product, risk appetite and member requirements.

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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