Engage your utilities service customer using data-driven communications

Understand your customers plans and get ahead of the curve. Utilise realestate.com.au's first party listings data and leverage PropTrack's propensity models to develop a best in class acquisition and retention program.

Know when your customers are likely to move house

Take proactive steps in retaining your customers by knowing when they are looking to move house

Generate new leads and grow your customer base

Discover which non-customers are likely to move and win new business.

Churn analysis and retention

Identify the types of customers and behaviors that lead to churn and develop a robust retention program that keeps you ahead of market shifts.

Utilities solutions

APIs and alerts

Using PropTrack’s comprehensive API suite, you can develop a customer centric retention strategy

Propensity to list

Using PropTrack’s propensity models you can now understand when your customers are are thinking of moving house

Propensity to sell

Not all properties sell on-market, and with the propensity to sell model you can identify off-market properties that are likely to change hands, giving you a comprehensive view of your customer’s position.

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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