Property Data APIs: Near real-time access to property data 

Make informed decisions with the most comprehensive real estate data available.

Drive operational efficiency with our APIs

Our integrations are easy to set up and use with a few simple steps. See what is available today and build your own property insights solution.

Search across transactions data

  • Sold transactions search by point and radius
  • Address suggest
  • Address match
  • Structured address match (coming soon)

Retrieve data on a specific property:

  • Sale history
  • Listing history
  • Attributes

Retrieve market statistics for a given suburb:

  • Supply & demand
  • Rent insights
  • Sale insights
  • Listing details
  • Listings search by point and radius

Easy to use APIs
backed by Australia's largest real estate portal

View our developer docs and trial today

Why PropTrack?

  • Unique propriety signals
  • Best value insights
  • Fast & simple integration

Stay ahead of the game

Research suburb trends or power your customer experiences with most comprehensive understanding of property in Australia

Enrich leads and engage

Deliver value added features through personalised experiences and drive customer engagement

Automate and drive efficiency

Pre-fill forms with property and sale information to streamline your workflows

The PropTrack Market API is here

The PropTrack Market API gives you access to the most comprehensive property market insights in Australia

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What is an API?

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Learn about the Listings API

Discover how you can get access to the most comprehensive
property listing data in Australia.

Learn about the Market API

Leverage data from the #1 listings site in Australia to generate unique insights, tapping into the 2.4million people who use every day.

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