Be the trusted source of information for your customers through their home ownership journey

Brokers work with PropTrack to help them stand out and win customer sentiment. Whether its assisting in nurture activities or managing your back book, we have something to help you stand out as a trusted advisor.

Personalise your engagement

Leverage PropTrack’s digital property reports and provide personalised insights tailored to your customers and create true engagement. 

Build borrower loyalty

Utilise PropTrack’s rich market data to provide relevant insights throughout your customer’s journey to build trust. Leverage AVM insights to understand LVR, listings data to know when securities list on, and market trends that are relevant to your customer’s needs.

Optimise your retention strategy

It’s difficult managing a back book and minimising claw backs. PropTrack can help you understand when your clients are likely to re-finance, list or sell with best in class propensity models.

What sets PropTrack apart

PropTrack's AVM helps agents be proactive

Revalue your book quickly and easily with PropTrack’s AVM. Know when LVRs are likely to have shifted and be on the front foot helping your clients with the best deal at the right time.

Meet consumer expectations with digitally native tools

With PropTrack’s Property Reports, your clients will get access to the most comprehensive outlook on property with a best in class dynamic, responsive and digital solution.

Maximise your retention efforts

Be proactive with Propensity

Using PropTrack's propensity models you can now understand when your clients are likely to take action before they take action.

Know when your client's property is up for sale

Leverage data from Australia's largest listings portal to know when your client's property is listed for sale.

Reflect and optimise

Test and learn quickly. Understand where your activities have not been effective and improve.

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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