Australia's leading source of property insights

Gain critical insights into the local, state and national property market with over 1 trillion data points covering more than 12 million properties

Want to understand key market dynamics impacting Australia's largest asset class?

Powered by PropTrack has access to data from the largest most engaged audience and largest listings portal in Australia. Dedicated to giving you the most relevant property market intelligence in real time, whenever and however you need it PropTrack offers a range of data solutions.

Engage with one of Australia's leading property commentators

With over 57,000 media mentions in 2023, PropTrack and our team of economists are a market leader in property economics and trends throughout Australia. 

Source: Streem media monitoring Jan 2022 – Dec 2023, includes mentions of PropTrack and other data and spokesperson related mentions

Improve your understanding of a property and increase efficiencies

Our comprehensive market and property data, including attributes and imagery, is updated within one minute of updates on Make better informed policy decisions and automate more of your core workflows.

Use valuation software to simplify your property valuation process

Whether  you need a physical or digital valuation, PropTrack can help your business simplify the process of gathering property valuations.

What sets PropTrack apart

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