Create a digitally integrated approach to property valuations and transform your operational efficiency

Experience the difference a fully integrated platform can make to your lending or valuation workflow.

Get a faster time to yes with the new PropTrack Valuations Platform

Ordering a valuation has never been easier. Our platform provides integrated workflow and communications with Australia's leading valuation firms.

Get a faster time to yes with the new PropTrack Valuations Platform

Use the valuations platform to transform your property assessment needs

Banking and finance

Understand existing or new collateral value and simplify your lending decisioning flow.

Tax and compliance

Get best in market assessments to support tax considerations for property assets.

Government and industry

Support your major initiative with a simple, integrated approach to assessing property assets.

Valuation ordering has never been easier

Why choose the PropTrack Valuations Platform?

Simplified ordering and management

Order a valuation directly from any of our integrated panel members for any property in Australia

Seamlessly track the status of those valuations with our comprehensive dashboard.

Integrated exception management and communications

Receive real-time alerts for any issues that might arise in the process.

Remove the need for phone calls and emails by respond to issues in platform with our direct to valuer communications.

Simple and secure
  • Backed by ISO and SOC compliant security.
  • Dual factor authentication and SSO.
  • Leveraging Australia's best property data and insights.

Transform your valuations workflow from day one

Automated valuations

Gain instant access to PropTrack’s market leading automated valuation services, providing instant outcomes that can streamline your loan application process.

Desktop / remote assessments

PropTrack’s advanced remote valuation assessment that provides a fast, efficient, and effective valuer-performed valuations.

Physical inspections

Integrated with four major valuation firms ready to service from day one

  • Residential Kerbside
  • Residential Short Form
  • Residential Long Form
Future valuations innovation

As PropTrack innovates in the valuation space, being integrated in the Valuation Platform provides accelerated opportunity to access and utilise as part of existing workflows.

Why more lenders choose PropTrack

  • Proven to deliver significant cost savings
  • Shorter times to reach a confident value and lending decisions
  • Faster time to yes leads to a distinguishable mortgage product and brand advocacy
  • Integrates with existing workflows and processes

Request a demo

A PropTrack advisor will call you back to organise an demonstration

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