Streamline your lending process

Enhance your lending experience with comprehensive valuation assessments and streamlined workflows. Powered by our unique data and new machine learning, we help you produce the right value for every property.

Australia's most comprehensive suite of valuation-focused tools

Tap into the Australia’s fastest growing valuations ecosystem. We provide seamless digital workflows and accurate, detailed market information to help lenders and valuers make better business and strategic decisions.

We also offer the highest levels of cloud-based bank security, so that our customers’ data and details always stay protected.

Who uses the PropTrack Valuations Platform?


Financial institutions use the PropTrack Valuations Platform to manage their valuations process and workflow. The platform enables flexibility, with various types of valuations options that provide an understanding of the risk involved in lending against a property. This can take place as part of a buyer’s home loan application, as well as for existing homeowners looking for an equity release. Many lenders also use the platform during the construction of new properties to make sure newly built homes meet their initial valuation assessments.


Insurers use the PropTrack Valuations Platform to determine the appropriate level of cover for a property, based on the estimate to replace it in the event of a total loss. The platform enables short on the spot assessments as well as more thorough property valuations


Local and state governments use the PropTrack Valuations Platform to determine a property’s value for charges such as council rates and land tax.


PropTrack Desktop is our market-leading valuation tool for performing desktop valuations.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) endpoint lets you generate an AVM in real time using predefined business-specific rules.


Get valuations and conduct revaluations for a portfolio of properties. Portfolio lets you automate and run batch AVMs from an uploaded file.

REA Valuations Benefits

  • Machine-learning based
  • Seamless digital workflow
  • Data delivered directly to the valuer
  • More unique and comprehensive property data sets
  • Australia’s leading Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and richest property data hub
  • Cloud-based with bank-level security

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