The most in-demand suburbs for share housing where renters can't find a home

Karen Dellow
Karen Dellow

Demand for share accommodation has reached new heights as cost-of-living pressures and a lack of supply push many renters into the share house market.

New data shows that in some share housing hotspots, hundreds of home seekers are competing over just a handful of properties.

Share accommodation website recorded over one million visits and 212,000 active members in January - its biggest month for active members on record, and up 6% year-on-year.

January is the busiest time of year for the rental market as students from interstate and overseas return to campuses ahead of the beginning of a new term, and many workers arrive to look for, or start, new jobs.

One of only two house share listings currently available in Bronte, Sydney. Source:

But, with record low numbers of available rental accommodation and a cost-of-living crisis in full swing, many renters are turning to the share house market to find a place to live.

67,700 new members joined in January and at the same time there was an 18.8% increase in new property listings compared to January 2023.

Despite this, the number of potential renters significantly outweighs the number of available properties in some locations.

Across the country, the suburb where demand is most outstripping supply is Tamarama in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, where there were 344 seekers per one room available in January.

Top 10 most in-demand suburbs with limited or no supply - National 

Suburb  State  People Listings  Rooms 
Tamarama  NSW  344 
Bronte  NSW  846 
East Perth  WA  388 
Elizabeth Bay  NSW  188 
Clovelly  NSW  525 
Fitzroy  VIC  1,738  10 
Malvern  VIC  301 
Barangaroo  NSW  138 
Highgate  WA  132 
Fitzroy North  VIC  374 
Curl Curl  NSW  123 

Other top locations with very few available rooms were Bronte, also in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and East Perth.

Three very popular suburbs in Melbourne made the list; Fitzroy, Malvern, and Fitzroy North.

Vacancy rates for rental properties are extremely low in these suburbs, with only 0.54% of rentals available in Fitzroy,  0.57% in Fitzroy North, and 1.21% in Malvern.

Quirky share house in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Source:

In Fitzroy there were 1,738 people in January looking a room to rent, but only 10 available options.

In Malvern, there were only 2 properties, compared to 3 in Fitzroy North.

In the other capital cities there were also many suburbs with limited or no supply of rooms to rent.

Top 3 most in-demand suburbs with limited or no supply - Capital cities 

City Suburb  People Listings  Rooms 
Sydney Tamarama  344 
Sydney Bronte  846 
Sydney Elizabeth Bay  188 
Melbourne Fitzroy  1,738  10 
Melbourne Malvern  301 
Melbourne Fitzroy North  374 
Brisbane Mount Gravatt  323 
Brisbane Eagle Farm  60 
Brisbane Graceville  55 
Adelaide Brighton  105 
Adelaide Glenelg  314 
Adelaide Marion  133 
Hobart North Hobart  148 
Hobart Dynnyrne  29 
Hobart Bellerive  27 
Perth East Perth  388 
Perth Highgate  132 
Perth Mosman Park  128 
Canberra Acton  95 
Canberra Deakin  65 
Canberra Ainslie  127 
Darwin Casuarina  37 
Darwin Palmerston City  23 
Darwin Cullen Bay  17 

In Darwin, the top three suburbs with the highest seeker to lister ratios have zero rooms available.

These suburbs were Casuarina, Palmerston City, and Cullen Bay.

A number of other suburbs in the capital cities had no rooms available but a high number of persons looking for accommodation.

Available room in a Glenelg share house. Source:

These included Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Brighton in Adelaide, and Mosman Park in Perth.

The lack of rooms available to rent, across the country, is a great opportunity for owners who have spare rooms that remain empty.

Demand for accommodation is so high and there is money to be made by renting out unused bedrooms and at the same time helping someone find a place to live, when available rental accommodation is at record low levels.

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