Reliable coverage and accuracy

PropTrack’s AVM 3.0 is the latest innovation of valuation modelling, enabling faster decisioning industry wide. With the Proptrack AVM 3.0 , you’ll spend less time addressing the same old challenges, and more time producing the best customer outcomes.

What's in AVM 3.0

Award winning ML platform
  • Fully cloud enabled on REA Group technology stack
  • Model builds and runs are able to leverage REA Group low data latency
  • Rapid experimentation pipelines for model performance
  • Multiple model re-training runs possible in a single day
New models
  • New indices 
  • New sub-models for specific segments (e.g. listed properties)
  • New modelling techniques thanks to advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Models applied to unstructured data for greater accuracy (images, texts)
Unique data
  • Unique value being extracted from REA Group datasets
  • Expanding data partnerships and investment
  • More data that enable models to replicate things a physical valuer would do
  • Core data coverage and timeliness of ingestion to AVM pipelines

Unique comparable based machine learning modeling

The PropTrack AVM expansively and instantly searches hundreds of thousands of properties across proximity, time and similarity for relevant properties to generate an estimate based on the surrounding sales evidence. In addition to comparable based models, there are indexation, listing and hedonic models that combine to give the most accurate and holistic estimate possible.

Proprietary image scoring and unstructured data analysis

Computer vision and machine learning techniques help AVMs assess property images and consider a property’s aesthetic appeal, renovation status, and feature conditions without a human appraisal.

Unique listings data form

The PropTrack AVM uses insights only available from Australia’s largest listings portal, including supply and demand metrics, allowing organisations to rely more thoroughly on instant valuation estimates and bring new innovative services to market.

The importance of Automated Valuation Model back testing

Dive into the best practice standards for completing back testing and assessing whether your AVM is performing as it should

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